Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen – a traditional family-owned business


Our customer is our key contact person, when it comes to developing new machines or improving already existing ones. We take their needs for granted and produce our machines in consideration of ecological aspects in best quality made in Germany. Our 300 employees contribute to a smooth production within our three sites.

Steady improvement of our performance and product range will help us to meet market opportunities in time and allocate niches. This leads us up-to-date techncology for the manufacture of DIXI and humus products as well as products from the laser centre. Our DIXI press systems represent the perfect fit via the newest technology in order to reduce volume. In addition, our humus mulchers belong to the most innovative agricultural machines and municipal implementation. Top-class awards for innovative products and international customers represent our high quality standard.

Furthermore, our laser centre constitutes an excellent reputation in the field of metal constructions.

Roderich Gotterbarm
Managing Director

Pioneer work in mulch technologies
Humus represented the first mulching technology developed and produced in Germany over 65 years ago.These machines supported farmers with a more powerful and less time involved plowing. Nevertheless, they needed to get convinced about vegetating the grounds as they used to work via non-till farming so far. Today, humus products are a standard equipment in orchards and vineyards, municipal implementation and forest applications.

“Our technology helps the environment”

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